[sword-devel] SwordReader PocketPC and SmartPhone CAB files.

SonWon sonwon.1 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 12 19:15:04 MST 2008

Daniel Blake wrote:
> David Trotz wrote:
>> That would be easy enough to do. I currently have it stop just beyond
>> the end of the last line in a chapter, so that you cannot scroll and 
>> scroll beyond that point only to get confused when trying to scroll back.
>> Anyone else have an opinion about this? Scroll till the bottom of the 
>> last line, or scroll till the top of the last line of the last verse?
> I was thinking it would look good to have the last verse stop at the 
> bottom of the screen.  It leaves the most amount of readable text.
> Everyone is talking about an optional advanced menu for Windows Mobile 
> devices.  What about an optional navigational toolbar?  I know screen 
> real estate doesn't come cheap on these mobile devices, but a quicker 
> way to change between at least adjoining chapters and books would be nice.
> If an optional toolbar isn't agreeable, how about two buttons or links 
> that scroll into view after the last verse?
> The text could as simple as Prev and Next.
> If it was the last verse of the first chapter have Prev point to the 
> adjoining book and Next point to the adjoining chapter.
> If it was the last verse of the last chapter have Prev point to the 
> adjoining chapter and Next point to the adjoining book.

I have another idea you will either love or hate.  Screen tap on the 
right edge once brings up a scrollbar then you can use the down arrow to 
have the reader go to the next chapter when viewing the last verse.  Or 
if on the first verse an up arrow to go to previous chapter.  After 
which the scrollbar fades away so it isn't in the way of the text.

I would hope the reader would actually scroll to the last verse.  I am 
hoping to place the current book, chapter, and verse on the advanced 
menu.  Then when you scroll using the scroll bar you can quickly move to 
the verse you want.  Also thinking ahead for bookmarks, If I select 
create a bookmark it can just grab the verse at the top of the screen so 
the user doesn't have to enter in the verse manually.

Throwing out ideas.  :)
> Daniel Blake
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