[sword-devel] OSIS Commentary Question for multiverse content

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 11 14:02:32 MST 2008

Chris Little wrote:
> DM Smith wrote:
>> I think we can use JSword to test if this is a library bug or a module  
>> bug. Can you point me to a module that exhibits the problem and a  
>> reference in that module?
>> If it is a module bug, then it can be fixed in osis2mod.
>> -- DM
> Excellent idea. The mir_BL_1988 module in beta has a lot of linked 
> verses, which aren't showing up according to your report in the Wiki or 
> the output of emptyvss.
> The first five lines of output from osis2mod are:
> Linking Matthew 1:23 to Matthew 1:22
> Linking Matthew 1:24 to Matthew 1:22
> Linking Matthew 1:25 to Matthew 1:22
I'm seeing:
mir_BL_1988:Matt.1.22 - Coo ja'a José mia'abiädø'cy, mänit quiudiuuṉ̃ 
neby hänajty tøø ñäma'ayíijäm ja'a Diosmóonsäm. Mänitä María 
wyiingpøjcy. Pero cab hajxy ñimiøødmaaw̱ä høxtä coonä ja'a María ja'a 
Jesús yajmiṉ̃ñä. Ja'a coobhuung, je'eds jaduhṉ miiṉgahw̱. Jesús jaduhṉ 
xiøhajty. Coo ja'a Jesús jaduhṉ myiiṉ̃guiahy, tøjiajt ja'a Diosmädia'agy 
jaduhṉ nebiä Diosmädia'agy‑yajwa'xpähajxy jecy quiujahyyän:<lb 
type="x-end-paragraph"/> <lg> <l level="1">Huungpaadaam̱b ja'a 
cäxyiihäna'c tu'ug.</l> <l level="1">Ya'ayhäna'c yhuunghadaam̱by.</l> <l 
level="1">Jue'e xiøhata'añ, Emanuel.</l></lg> <lb 
type="x-begin-paragraph"/>Je'eduhṉ ñänøøm̱by coo ja'a Dios hajxy 
mir_BL_1988:Matt.1.23 -
mir_BL_1988:Matt.1.24 -
mir_BL_1988:Matt.1.25 - <lb type="x-end-paragraph"/>

There is a linking bug in osis2mod, either in how it calls the SWORD 
engine or actually in the engine.

This also explains why 1:25 is not being seen as missing. The inter 
verse </p> after 1:25 is being appended to 1:25. This wipes out it's 
linking. This is a long standing bug in osis2mod.

> Linking Matthew 2:10 to Matthew 2:9
> Linking Matthew 2:18 to Matthew 2:17
mir_BL_1988:Matt.2.9 - Mänitä madsa'ahøxtaabiähajxy tiu'ubøjcy. Jim̱ 
hajxy ñøcxy Belén nebiä Herodes hänajty tøø miäna'añän. Mänitä madsa'a 
hajxy jadähooc yhíjxcumbä, ja'a hajxy hänajty tøø yhuug hijxpä jäguem̱ 
maa ja'a xøø piädsøm̱iän. Mänit hajxy jiaanc̈h tehm̱ xiooṉdaacy. Mänitä 
madsa'a hajxy piadu'ubøjcy. Mänitä madsa'a jim̱ tøyyä tiänaaxiøjpy maa 
ja'a pigäna'c‑huung hänajty yhitiän naax̱yp. Tøyyä ja'a madsa'a hänajty 
quiuhjajnax̱y maa hänajty quio'na'ayän.
mir_BL_1988:Matt.2.10 -

mir_BL_1988:Matt.2.17 - Jaduhṉ ja'a Diosmädia'agy tiøjiájcumbä nebiä 
Jeremías hänajty jecy tøø quiujaayän:<lb type="x-end-paragraph"/> <lg> 
<l level="1">Jim̱ maa xiøhatiän Ramá,</l> <l level="1">jim̱ä Raquel ja'a 
yhuung ñäjøøyy ñaxuu'ch.</l> <l level="1">Coo ja'a yhuung yaghó'cäxä, 
paady quia'a jootcapxmøcpøgaaṉä.</l></lg> <lb 
type="x-begin-paragraph"/>Ja'a Jeremías, je'e ja'a Diosmädia'agy jecy 
mir_BL_1988:Matt.2.18 - <lb type="x-end-paragraph"/> <lb 

Same thing here: two different bugs.

> The corresponding lines from emptyvss are:
> Matthew 1:23
> Matthew 1:24
> Matthew 2:10
> (I also don't know why there's a discrepancy between the two. Perhaps 
> Matt.1.25 & Matt.2.18 *are* getting linked, but the others aren't?!? 
> It's possibly a bug in emptyvss, though that seems unlikely given its 
> simplicity.)
So the ball's in my court :)

I plan to start work on osis2mod shortly. I'll probably address this 
first since it is a bug.

In Him,

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