[sword-devel] BSPNG Permissions Update

Kahunapule Michael Johnson kahunapule at mpj.cx
Thu Jul 10 15:34:53 MST 2008

Chris Little wrote:
> If you think it would help your efforts (which we certainly appreciate), 
> you could mention that WBTI gave us permission to distribute 40 Bibles 
> (38 NTs, a full Bible, and an NT+Psalms), primarily in languages of 
> Mexico & Guatemala. There may be more, but that's the first batch. Those 
> will show up both as downloads for offline use and (I assume) for online 
> use via the Bible Tool.

I'll tuck that fact away for an opportune time. Thank you for that. :-)

A little new information: this has gotten rather complicated, involving 
high-level discussions between the top levels of SIL and UBS. SIL, for 
historical reasons and reasons of access to certain countries, does not 
publish Scripture, but UBS and others do it for SIL members (who are 
almost all WBT members seconded to SIL). It seems that UBS and SIL had 
previously not been of the same understanding of this arrangement and 
all of its implications, especially with respect to electronic 
publication of Scriptures that UBS first published in print. SIL is in 
favor of publishing Scripture on line for free, and negotiating for a 
way for this to happen. (I heard that directly from the SIL Executive 
Director's mouth about 15 hours ago.) Some progress is being made, but 
it may take a while before the results trickle down to me, or possibly 
via other channels, to you. I do believe that permission will come to 
publish a large number of minority-language Bibles, though, if we are 


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