[sword-devel] sword-devel Digest, Vol 52, Issue 11

SonWon sonwon.1 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 9 19:57:07 MST 2008

greg.hellings at gmail.com wrote:
> You have the correct files.  That last occurrance of "swordreader"
> simply tells the command-line svn client to put the files into a
> directory called "swordreader."  Otherwise, it checks them out, by
> default, into a directory called "trunk."  If you're like me and do
> several source builds from one development directory, you don't want
> to see trunk, trunk (1), trunk (2), etc.  The url is the one you
> specified, which worked.  You are probably using a Windows client and
> entered both the URL and the alias/rename for the directory into the
> URL window.
> You should be fine. :)
Ok, the files just seem awfully small and I didn't see any sources 
files.  I'll look harder, likely just tired.  I think I should be 
sleeping.  :)  So how do I break the checkout so I can redo the 
directory structure?  My son said to just delete the folder; I think 
there is a better way.

Thank you,
> --Greg


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