[sword-devel] JapKougo

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Tue Jul 8 12:03:22 MST 2008

DM Smith wrote:
> Should SWORD directly render the gloss attribute? Or should it treat it 
> the same way as it does a lemma or a morph? And would it be a good time 
> to add xlit also?

Gloss is handled fairly similarly to lemma and morph. The render filter 
should do something to render the attribute, if it finds it (though we 
can adjust how it renders it). The missing component is an option filter 
to turn ruby (and other glosses?) off.

> Each front-end targets a different HTML renderer, WebKit, XULRunner (aka 
> FireFox), .... and they have different capabilities regarding CSS and ruby.

They're all similar in that they universally don't handle ruby 
annotation natively. There's an addon for Firefox, but neither Firefox 3 
nor Safari 3.1 do any special placement with ruby elements by default. 
MSIE (6 & 7) renders them quite nicely, though.

A ruby test page is here: 

Rather than render OSIS to XHTML using its own ruby tags, we might be 
better off simply rendering single-column, two-row tables, provided that 
it doesn't grossly inflate the rendering time and provided that we can 
get the text to line up attractively. We could use the XHTML ruby tags, 
but it would require some CSS work in every frontend.


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