[sword-devel] SwordReader - eVC 3.0 discontinued

David Trotz dtrotzjr at crosswire.org
Fri Jul 4 13:49:14 MST 2008

> The abandonment of eVC 3.0 will, correct me if I am misunderstanding, render 
> the SwordReader "broken" for the platform (Windows CE 3.0) for the SH-3 
> processor.  I would most diligently consider a platform of development that 
> will continue support for these units, and keep this tool available to the 
> "new" generation of "inheriting" students of the Word of God.
I just realized why SwordReader does not run on your device. I am new to 
the WinCE/PocketPC/SmartPhone arena. I did not realize that there were 
other architectures besides the ARM and x86. (Although I do not know 
whether there are any x86 devices besides the emulator.) Anyhow, I will 
try to get eVC 3 to build me a binary for SH3. When I do I will post it 
for you.
David Trotz

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