[sword-devel] Getting Started on Windows Mobile Software

David Trotz dtrotzjr at crosswire.org
Wed Jul 2 20:03:56 MST 2008

Daniel Blake wrote:
> I also wasn't able to find eMbedded Visual Tools 3.0 - 2002 Edition 
> available anymore, but eMbedded Visual C++ 4.0 SP4 is still 
> available.  http://msdn.microsoft.com/embedded/aa731254.aspx 
> <about:blank/embedded/aa731254.aspx>
Yeah, except at this time SwordReader does not compile on eVC 4.0, we 
need someone willing to port it over.

> David -- I looked through the archives and http://www.swordreader.org 
> but couldn't find the newest SwordReader.  Have you compiled the 
> newest version in an installation package for testing?  My XV6700 has 
> been asking if we could test it :-)
Yes. Once I get my system back up and running I will send you my latest 
build. Its not quite beta strength yet, more like alpha so please bear 
with some of the missing features and bugs.

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