[sword-devel] GoBible

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Tue Jul 1 13:17:52 MST 2008

Some of you might have seen or used already GoBible. It is a small JME
programme for mobile phones capable of displaying and searching a single
Bible. A while back the developer (Jolon) decided to lay open the source
and dedicate the programme (actual programme and module creator) to teh
public domain.

To create a module a B/C/V endoded OSIS file or a similar THML file is
required - this then is stripped of all markup and packed into a long
textfile with an associated index file + the programming logic - all in
one jar. In a way they are a sword module stripped down to the absolute
minimum with attached reader, suitable for mobile phones. They do work

David Haslam who often posts here with new sources for all kinds of
Bibles has produced a sheer endless number of GoBible modules

There are several unconnected hosting sites and GoBible creators about,
but David is probably the currently most active - and the one closest
linked to Sword.

We have a fair number of Bibles which are only distributable via
Crosswire due to to the permissions given to us - but expanding our work
into GoBible would seem like a natural extension to what Crosswire does
anyway. Should we not consider

a) creating GoBible modules ourselves and hosting them from Crosswire
server where permissions are not there to allow others to create and

b) approaching GoBible developers for more general collaboration?

I think particularly in copyright matters it is a shame if every single
open source project needs to approach copyright holders again and again
   - and it is a particular shame when projects are so obviously
mutually enhancing and not at all detracting.

What do you think?


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