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Thu Jan 31 05:53:23 MST 2008

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> --- Adrian Korten <adrian_korten at sil.org> ha scritto:
>> g'day,
>> Could you test your successful use of thml references to include a
>> non-standard displayed reference? In the past, I tried putting in the
>> Thai name for a Bible book and this reference did not work.
>>  <scripRef passage="Matt 18:11">มัทธิว 18:11</scripRef>
>>  <scripRef passage="Matt 18:11">มัทธิว ๑๗:๑๑</ 
>> scripRef>
>>  <scripRef passage="Matt 18:11">Matt 8:1</scripRef>
>> I'm curious if the passage reference is working or whether it is  
>> reading
>> the displayed reference.
> Hmm ... I am playing with OSIS now but in another document it works.
> I was having problems in my Italian bible module with the accented  
> characters è
> ò ù. I have to recommend using the jedit editor .. it did a nioce  
> job setting
> everything to UTF-8.
> Guys.. let me tell you ---
> I am in great need of the "sword for dummies" book, but meanwhile  
> someone
> should update http://www.crosswire.org/sword/develop/swordmodule/.

We have. It is in the wiki at: http://www.crosswire.org/wiki/index.php/DevTools:Modules

A couple of days ago, I suggested here that the old page needs to be  

> That page never mentioned osis2mod so I wondered for a while what  
> was wrong
> with xml2gbs :-P.

This wiki page has links to pages for OSIS books.

Hope that helps.

And if it doesn't you can make the wiki better by getting an login  
account and after 4 days, make the changes (the 4 day wait is to limit  

In Him,

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