[sword-devel] modules upload etc - suggestion

Maurits Obbink maurits at obbink.org
Wed Jan 30 00:18:23 MST 2008

Chris Little wrote:
> peter wrote:
>> There is also no fast way of doing corrections on released module - at
>> least for those without adequate rights on the server. Another
>> difficulty for those of us behind slow upload connections are that even
>> minor changes in the module become a nightmare of hour long uploads.
> There are two kinds of errors in our modules: those that are our fault 
> due to conversion mistakes and those that are in the upstream providers' 
> source documents. The former kind we will fix. The latter, we generally 
> won't, since we are really not set up to be a text maintainer and we 
> don't have the expertise to be one.
> --Chris

If an error exist in the module due to the upstream provider. How can 
one know where it comes from (it is not always in the about section?) To 
report the bug to them?

If a module is updated is there a way to see the changelist (in detail)? 
  Preferably without doing a diff? If not how do I do a diff?
(in this case particularly for the Dutch Statenvertaling)

Kind regards,

Maurits Obbink.

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