[sword-devel] thml and scriprefs

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Tue Jan 29 16:25:58 MST 2008

>> Assuming you did want to use the OptionFilter, did you turn scripture  
>> references on in GnomeSword?

pfgshield-freebsd at yahoo.com writes:
> I just can't find any toggle for that, but I can see the references
> from other books.

GnomeSword turns on xref processing automatically for genbooks.  It
should also turn on footnote processing but doesn't -- I'll fix that.

For an example usage, if you look at e.g. the HodgeSysTheo module, look
in /Volume I/Prefatory where you will find a <scripRef> under "Theology
Proper," "Chapter VII Divinity of Christ," to "John i.14".

As refdoc observed, your references may be more complicated than is
parsable.  Strip out everything but the passage="..." portion and see if
that helps.

>> Please also note that ThML is no longer actively supported by  
>> CrossWire and it is unlikely that we would post a new module that uses  
>> ThML. The same goes for GBF. We only actively support OSIS.

That's only superficially true.  I submit patches to Sword's ThML
support from time to time and Troy has never been averse to applying
them, including those for newer features such as clickable images, for
which the original patch over a year ago included support in both ThML
and OSIS.  Most recently, he made fixes to accommodate better RTF
targeting from ThML on my request and he dealt with some minor markup
glitches in both OSIS and ThML (whose processing tends to be very


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