[sword-devel] Inconveniences for Catholic bibles and devotionals

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Sun Jan 27 06:32:13 MST 2008

--- peter <refdoc at gmx.net> ha scritto:

> Can not say much to the larger part of what you write.
> > Finally I can't find much documentation or source examples on how to make
> > devotionals. I have the Liturgy of the Hours (aka Divine Office) in word
> format
> > but for that I need to be able to set the dates in terms of weeks and
> weekdays,
> I think you are unable to do this. You best hope currently would be to
> re-calculate and re-issue your devotions every year. Currently AFAIK the
> datekey is mm.dd.
> If the key was yyyy.mm.dd you would be able to do your calculation for a
> reasonable yime span and create a key file for the devotion for the next
> say 10 years. If the devotional is simply a collection of links it would
> not be too big.

The current scheme works well for some things that don't depend on the year:
feast of the Saints, Christmas, etc, but for other things like Good Friday it
would easier to just have it in the sword API .. I am pretty sure there is a
formula to calculate the weekday.

With the current scheme I can do lots of cool things though: I don't (yet) know
the details but the daily Mass readings for the RCC are carefully planned three
years in advance. 

> Either way, you could have a as a separate module a prayer book which is
> simply ordered as prayer books are and encoded as a general book.
I will try this, thanks.

Thanks to all people working in sword!


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