[sword-devel] Inconveniences for Catholic bibles and devotionals

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sun Jan 27 08:22:11 MST 2008

pfgshield-freebsd at yahoo.com wrote:
> I have some pretty cool documents.. starting with the new Catechism of the
> Catholic Church (in spanish), but before that (although not necessary) I
> thought it would be nice to have a Catholic Bible.

Is the CCC copyrighted? I've had an OSIS document of the CCC in English 
for a few years, but I assumed I wasn't distributing it because it was 
copyrighted. Am I confused? (Maybe you're just preparing your own module 
for personal use, so it's not any concern to you personally, but if you 
happen to know the situation, please let us know. Is the copyright 
holder fairly permissive?)

> A second oops is that the GBF to OSIS converter assumes everything has KJV
> versioning, but this Bible has mixed numbers (4a 4b, 4c , etc) I don't suppose
> sword accepts such verse numbers so I sort of worked around it.

Sword will take sub-verse references (properly encoded) in an OSIS 
document. It will preserve them. It has the potential to display them. 
Doing lookups based on them is not a likely future feature.

I think using GBF as a stepping stone to OSIS is really the error here. 
I'm not sure which GBF to OSIS converter you're using, but they probably 
all assume the system used in the canonical GBF documents (WEB, HNV, & 
ASV), which don't use any sub-verse references. If you want a really 
good OSIS document, you really have to target OSIS from the start.

> I am not sure
> how to handle the references to the Vulgata in the Psalms either.

I'm not familiar with what the issue is here. Is it that you want to 
reference another work (e.g. within an Italian Bible, you want to 
reference a passage specific to the Vulgata)? To do that, you just need 
to add a workID to the beginning of the osisRef. E.g., instead of just 
Ps.1.1, you would specify Vulg:Ps.1.1, where "Vulg" is declared in the 
OSIS header. (This won't have much affect on Sword, since I don't think 
our system for linking to specific other modules is quite fleshed out 
yet--much less implemented.)

> dead? The techie forum doesn't seem to work at all.

Active maintenance of a lot of webpages has fallen lately, but there are 
quite a few people and organizations working with OSIS.


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