[sword-devel] Inconveniences for Catholic bibles and devotionals

pfgshield-freebsd at yahoo.com pfgshield-freebsd at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 27 06:08:43 MST 2008

--- Eeli Kaikkonen <eekaikko at mail.student.oulu.fi> ha scritto:

(concerning Deuterocanonicals)
> That is a known problem. Have you read our FAQ?
> http://www.crosswire.org/faq
Yeah.. it's a known problem, I was just mentioning it's really and practically
a limitation.

I finished the italian Jerusalem Bible(CEI 1971) in GBF format, according to
the Wikipedia there were some (failed) talks in the past to make it the
de-facto Bible for italian Catholics and protestants alike.

The module guide doesn't explicit which utility should be used for importing
GBF(vpl2mod?). Using the OSIS converted file I get coredumps on my 64bit
platform... I'm still investigating if I am doing something wrong or if sword
has problems with 64bit platforms :(.



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