[sword-devel] Coptic Book module

jonathon jonathon.blake at gmail.com
Sun Jan 27 18:19:59 MST 2008

Peter wrote:

> Fast tracking the Coptic Bibles

If this is _The Canon of Eighty One_, then part of it (roughly fifteen
books) won't be included in a Sword Project resource for technical
reasons. :(

(The API is "stuck" with thinking that the only versification scheme
that exists is the one used by the Authorized Version of the Bible.)

> The book is in English. It is a summary by the Coptic Pope

I didn't realize his material had been translated into English.

Chris Little wrote:

> but my vote would be to add this text to the repository. It helps to build bridges, which is a good thing.


> And if it's in Coptic, anyone likely to voice an objection couldn't possibly read it to know to object anyway.




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