[sword-devel] need help on a project

Wade Maxfield wmaxfield at gmail.com
Sun Jan 27 17:51:06 MST 2008

  OK. Very good!

  I had read one of the comments and either mis-understood it or did
understand it and thought that was the purpose of Sword (to not allow anyone
to go commercial with it).

   It seems that what I want to do is in line with what you folks will allow
in spirit, and in letter with the GPL.

  BTW, you can indeed take previous GPL code and convert it to closed, but
you must "fork" it to let that happen.  You can say "Version 1.0" is GPL and
this new "Version 1.0a" is closed source.  You cannot take back the code
that is in GPL, but you can hide your own changes to it by licensing it to
be closed, but only if you originally own the code, from what I understand,
and by example of what MySQL and others (such as Sun) have done.

   I don't prefer jsword, but if jsword is it, then lets go for it.  I want
a server out there, and I understand it will be GPL.

   How can this move forward?


From: DM Smith <dmsmith555 at yahoo.com>


Personally, I think a client/server approach you mention is an
excellent idea. Without too much effort it can be done with
BibleDesktop and JSword, as it had been prototyped at one time and is
currently stubbed out in JSword. Your contributions would be welcomed.

Working together for His Kingdom, we reach more.

In Him,
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