[sword-devel] Versification

Daniel Blake danblake at tcdr.com
Sun Jan 27 14:17:18 MST 2008

Please know this is coming from someone who can't program his way out of 
a wet paper bag after saying "hello" to it.  I also would like it known 
that I am not belittling what has been done already.  Crosswire is doing 
a fantastic job with Sword.  It is the only bible software I have 
installed anymore.

Seeing as the hard coded versification scheme seems to be limiting many 
areas of growth for Sword and it's possible uses, I was wondering if a 
new versification method could be placed as a high priority.

Just a thought:
Is it possible to have the Sword library parse a text file with 
different versifications defined in it?  If so, then a new line could be 
put in the .conf files stating which versification was used.  I'm also 
thinking that parsing versification from a text file would probably be 
incredibly slow.  I just thought that it could be a way that anyone 
could create a new versification for any use they needed.

Daniel Blake
The lurker

Chris Little wrote:
> Greg Hellings wrote:
>> The issue here is that the Vulgate has some Psalms which the KJV has
>> split that it lumps together and others which the KJV lumps together
>> split up, and there's an additional Psalm as well.  It's very similar
>> to the situation in which Esther and Daniel find themselves in the
>> Catholic form the canon.
> Ah, ok, then it's just another part of the versification issue. There's 
> nothing particular about Vulgate versification here and it's not 
> remotely limited to Psalms. The KJV & Vulgate begin to diverge in 
> versification back in Exodus, to my recollection.
> There's not a _good_ solution to the problem right now, but if you just 
> encode the OSIS correctly, osis2mod will do a fair job of importing the 
> text. No text is lost, but non-KJV verses appear contiguous with the 
> preceding KJV verse.
> --Chris

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