[sword-devel] Inconveniences for Catholic bibles and devotionals

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sun Jan 27 12:49:19 MST 2008

Greg Hellings wrote:
> The issue here is that the Vulgate has some Psalms which the KJV has
> split that it lumps together and others which the KJV lumps together
> split up, and there's an additional Psalm as well.  It's very similar
> to the situation in which Esther and Daniel find themselves in the
> Catholic form the canon.

Ah, ok, then it's just another part of the versification issue. There's 
nothing particular about Vulgate versification here and it's not 
remotely limited to Psalms. The KJV & Vulgate begin to diverge in 
versification back in Exodus, to my recollection.

There's not a _good_ solution to the problem right now, but if you just 
encode the OSIS correctly, osis2mod will do a fair job of importing the 
text. No text is lost, but non-KJV verses appear contiguous with the 
preceding KJV verse.


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