[sword-devel] Inconveniences for Catholic bibles and devotionals

pfgshield-freebsd at yahoo.com pfgshield-freebsd at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 22 20:08:29 MST 2008


Due to some of those things in life that sometimes happen I reconverted
strongly to Catholicism and I want to join my devotions with my favorite OS
(FreeBSD).. so voila.. I'm here playing with sword.

I have some pretty cool documents.. starting with the new Catechism of the
Catholic Church (in spanish), but before that (although not necessary) I
thought it would be nice to have a Catholic Bible.

I have the text for the spanish version of the Jerusalem Bible (1971) but the
copyright owners rejected my petition to make it available, however the Italian
version seems to be available (for personal, non-commercial use), since the
copyright owner is the Italian Episcopal Council and they have made the text
available. I have almost finished converting the text to GBF and from there I
plan to convert it to OSIS.

The first big oops in sword is the lack of Deuterocanonicals, as it is an
integral part of the Bible for us Catholics:

A second oops is that the GBF to OSIS converter assumes everything has KJV
versioning, but this Bible has mixed numbers (4a 4b, 4c , etc) I don't suppose
sword accepts such verse numbers so I sort of worked around it. I am not sure
how to handle the references to the Vulgata in the Psalms either. BTW is OSIS
dead? The techie forum doesn't seem to work at all.

Finally I can't find much documentation or source examples on how to make
devotionals. I have the Liturgy of the Hours (aka Divine Office) in word format
but for that I need to be able to set the dates in terms of weeks and weekdays,
it would also be pretty cool to be able to determine the liturgic time
(ordinary, lent, advent) and some prayers are made by all the Church at
specific times of the day. It's rather easier to do these prayers with the
printed book, but well... I was just wondering how advanced sword was meant to
be ;-).

While here... anyone has a copy of the DRV Bible in GBF?.. I noticed it existed
once but the link is dead now.


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