[sword-devel] Remote Source Downloading

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 25 04:11:30 MST 2008

On Jan 25, 2008, at 3:37 AM, Kermit Kiser wrote:

> Greetings from a newbie module developer:
> For me at least, developing a new Bible version is not a trivial task.
> It may be years before it is ready for general review. In the  
> meantime,
> I would like to make it available to my alpha reviewers via Install
> Manager with Remote Source Downloading.
> I have researched the archives and have the following impressions:
> SWORD requires an anonymous FTP server to publish modules for Remote
> Source Downloading.
> JSword requires an HTTP server to publish modules for Remote Source
> Downloading.
> Can someone please verify that my impressions are correct?

Yes. But if absolutely necessary, I can re-add FTP to JSword as it was  
there at one point in time.

> My current brain-dead web site (GoDaddy shared hosting) does not  
> seem to
> support anonymous FTP access. I have managed to get Remote Source
> Downloading to work for Bible Desktop but not SWORD as a result. I  
> will
> obviously be looking for a new site with anonymous FTP support in the
> future although that does not seem to be a feature that most internet
> providers advertise up front. (I don't have the resources for a
> dedicated server presently.) Meanwhile all of this leads to my next
> question: Is there a way around the anonymous FTP restriction (besides
> manual download and install of modules which I don't think many of my
> reviewers can handle) for SWORD or any likelihood of HTTP support in
> SWORD Install Manager in the future?

Sword can also download from a local directory. It may be possible for  
a user to map a web location as a drive, then it will work.

JSword cannot do that at this time.

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