[sword-devel] Remote Source Downloading

Kermit Kiser bsv at kermitkiser.com
Fri Jan 25 01:37:34 MST 2008

Greetings from a newbie module developer:

For me at least, developing a new Bible version is not a trivial task. 
It may be years before it is ready for general review. In the meantime, 
I would like to make it available to my alpha reviewers via Install 
Manager with Remote Source Downloading.

I have researched the archives and have the following impressions:

SWORD requires an anonymous FTP server to publish modules for Remote 
Source Downloading.
JSword requires an HTTP server to publish modules for Remote Source 

Can someone please verify that my impressions are correct?

My current brain-dead web site (GoDaddy shared hosting) does not seem to 
support anonymous FTP access. I have managed to get Remote Source 
Downloading to work for Bible Desktop but not SWORD as a result. I will 
obviously be looking for a new site with anonymous FTP support in the 
future although that does not seem to be a feature that most internet 
providers advertise up front. (I don't have the resources for a 
dedicated server presently.) Meanwhile all of this leads to my next 
question: Is there a way around the anonymous FTP restriction (besides 
manual download and install of modules which I don't think many of my 
reviewers can handle) for SWORD or any likelihood of HTTP support in 
SWORD Install Manager in the future?

TIA for any information you can share.

- Kermit Kiser

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