[sword-devel] Cannot build sword or biblecs with Borland

Keith Watson keith_watson at bigfoot.com
Wed Jan 23 11:47:52 MST 2008

The trunk version of biblecs/swdisprtfchap.cpp has a syntax error.  One
statement does not have matching open and close parentheses.

The trunk version of sword/src/utilfns/Greek2Greek.cpp was removed from its
directory, and the makefile, last October but was not removed from the VC7.1
or Borland projects.  Unfortunately that class is still used by the trunk
version of biblecs/mainfrm.cpp.

Shouldn't the trunk version be buildable?  What am I missing?

A few source files have been added since the Borland project files were last
updated but that was easily fixable.  But there are 50 unresolved symbols in
icuuc.lib which I have not looked at yet.

Keith Watson

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