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Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Mon Jan 21 15:13:32 MST 2008

Hi David .........
> BTW I can give you a binary that will dump a timings file in your 
> \Storage Card\ directory so you can see the results yourself.

I'm very happy to take your word for it!  But if you want me to do tests 
and give you another set of figures, then yes, I'm happy to help.

> One major bug I am working on today is when a word has a rendering tag 
> mid-word such as the very common
> L<font size="-1">ORD</font>

Errm .........  isn't that a module problem?  I'll probably attract a 
tirade from Chris L., so I'm putting on the tin-hat ...   No, no, I can 
see the idea, but wasn't the original concept (KJV)'LORD' (in caps not 
small caps) as distinct from 'Lord' ....  Still, if that's the way folk 
want their modules, sadly, we have to resolve the problem.

> this I have seen is typical of other mid-word tags such as bold. This is 
> why I (half jokingly) mentioned I felt mine
> renders nicer.

Now I've seen it, I agree.  But then who is surprised? I like the way 
you always write M$ when referring to Amazing [Mr.] Gates' company.

God bless,

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