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David Trotz dtrotzjr at crosswire.org
Mon Jan 21 14:46:49 MST 2008

I have not tried, but yes, it may need some minor tweaks to do so.
BTW I can give you a binary that will dump a timings file in your 
\Storage Card\ directory so you can see the results yourself.

One major bug I am working on today is when a word has a rendering tag 
mid-word such as the very common
L<font size="-1">ORD</font>
as seen in Psalm 119 - when the word nears the end of the line it is 
possible that  the L and ORD get separated.

But notice how the Microsoft HTML renderer handles these mid-stream 
tags, it tends to overlap the L and O, and
this I have seen is typical of other mid-word tags such as bold. This is 
why I (half jokingly) mentioned I felt mine
renders nicer.


Barry Drake wrote:
> Hi David .......
> David Trotz wrote:
>> I have conducted some timing tests to quantify just how much faster the 
>> new renderer is, see the results below
> It's impressive.  I haven't been able to take accurate timings, but the 
> impression I get is that they are similar on my device.  The only thing 
> I'm wondering about: you seem to display a different font from the MS 
> one: will it still be able to handle the Greek properly?
> God bless,
> Barry
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