[sword-devel] Creating modules for a beginner

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Mon Jan 21 06:26:35 MST 2008

"Joseph Daniel" <josephdanielgad at gmail.com> writes:
> I have the permission to copy and distribute them but I am facing many
> problems in converting them. I tried parsing the whole module into
> verse per line format but them vpl2mod tool didn't work.

You should show us the manner in which vpl2mod failed.  What errors did
it find?

> I don't understand whether vpl alone is enough or should I still put
> it in OSIS / thml format.

That depends on what sort of internal markup is present on the text,
that is, whether there are controls over content and display that
reflect OSIS or ThML.

There may well be no markup on the verse content, so OSIS -vs- ThML
doesn't matter, except that you need to include an appropriate
SourceType= in .conf.  Perhaps "plain" is adequate for these texts,
indicating no markup at all, hence no filtering by the Sword lib.

> I am sorry if this is a bit off topic but could someone guide me on how to 
> do it? The guide on the website seems to be missing a lot of details. Can 
> anybody just give me a sample module so I can see how it's working?

You can use "mod2imp AnyModuleName" to get a raw dump of the content of
any installed module -- save it to a file and study it.  Make sure you
use appropriate capitalization of AnyModuleName ("kjv" != "KJV").

Note that "imp" (import) format is not quite the same as VPL -- import
format has lines showing keys as "$$$Genesis 1:1" and so forth, and
everything from that key to the next is the content for that key.  VPL
differs by having the verse key at the beginning of the text and the
entire content must be present on that single line.

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