[sword-devel] Creating modules for a beginner

Joseph Daniel josephdanielgad at gmail.com
Mon Jan 21 05:51:24 MST 2008

Concerning module creation, I am facing many problems in converting some 
eSword modules to work on the SWORD project. These bible versions are ALAB , 
GNA and JAB. All are Arabic translations.

I have the permission to copy and distribute them but I am facing many 
problems in converting them. I tried parsing the whole module into verse per 
line format but them vpl2mod tool didn't work. I don't understand whether 
vpl alone is  enough or should I still put it in OSIS / thml format.

I am sorry if this is a bit off topic but could someone guide me on how to 
do it? The guide on the website seems to be missing a lot of details. Can 
anybody just give me a sample module so I can see how it's working?

Thanks a lot.


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