[sword-devel] Bug in Sword osis2mod??

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sat Jan 5 18:47:58 MST 2008

peter wrote:
> I tried tonight to create a short module (1 Tim) with osis2mod, but run
> into trouble as the computer kept running at 100% load and nearly killed
> itself dt overheating.
> I had used following commandline
> osis2mod testdir 1tim.xml 0 0 4

I can't recreate any problem running osis2mod, but I would recommend 
upgrading. This isn't the version that shipped with sword 1.5.10, since 
that takes a different style of command line argument. (However, I tried 
a build from 1.5.9, and that worked fine as well.) I would recommend 
building from source (if not from SVN) if you're on Linux.

I just posted new Win32 builds of all the utilities, as well.


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