[sword-devel] Bug in Sword osis2mod??

peter refdoc at gmx.net
Fri Jan 4 18:25:47 MST 2008

I tried tonight to create a short module (1 Tim) with osis2mod, but run
into trouble as the computer kept running at 100% load and nearly killed
itself dt overheating.

I had used following commandline

osis2mod testdir 1tim.xml 0 0 4

When I stopped after an interminable wait I found that only Vers 0
information had made it into the nt file, the whole rest was missing.

I trie dthis several times and it happened reliably again

I then rerun the process on a different computer with an older version
of osis2mod and had no problems whatsoever. The complete module was
produced within seconds.

I am using libsword1.5.10 from Domcox' ubuntu builds here
libsword1.5.8-8 from Ubuntu 6.06's ordinary repositories on the older

the underlying Osis xml file seems to validate fine. For copyright and
confidentiality reasons I can not put it up here, but am happy to pass
it onto anyone of the to me well known developers. It has only about 200

My systems: Linux Ubuntu 7.10 and Ubuntu 6.06


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