[sword-devel] BibleCS and Farsi

peter refdoc at gmx.net
Sat Jan 5 17:40:07 MST 2008

Ok, I have to apologise here.

Yes I use Wine in Win2000 setting and the display is really all over the
place and not useful - even for the newest BibelCS 1.5.10pre4 which I
installed there a few weeks ago.

But on WinXP where I set up just now on Virtual Box (similar to
Parallels and VM ware things are ok now.

There is a big/huge progress since 1.5.9.

Wrt Win98 we discussed this once DM, I think it is nowadays irrelevant
for my traget group -  everyone is on WinXp and even Vista, apparently

Thanks Chris!

Is a proper installer for 1.5.10 anywhere - I downloaded just now from
the Alpha region some zip files.

DM Smith wrote:
> On Jan 5, 2008, at 6:43 PM, Chris Little wrote:
>> peter wrote:
>>> Having finally had a chance to look at the new version of BibleCS and
>>> the FarsiOPV module two problems come to light:
>> Which version is that, exactly? 1.5.10pre4? (This version number will
>> appear as if you check the file properties in Windows.)
>> Just to let you know, I'm using WinXP (SP2), but results should hold
>> identically for NT, 2K & Vista. I don't have 9x any longer, so I can't
>> test that, and really don't have the ability to assist in supporting
>> 95/98/98SE/ME very properly.
> I have a laptop with Windows 98SE. Let me know if you need me to test  
> it. I only have it for this purpose.
> But I'd like to suggest that we only support OSes that are currently  
> supported. For example Win98 and ME were desupported the middle of  
> last year. From a practical perspective that means that I cannot do an  
> install and then update it with security patches. If a user needs a  
> workable program they can rely on a prior release that was supported.
>>> 1) the letters are not ligated ("glyph shaping") This works fine in
>>> Arabic which uses a very similar script - largely same looking  
>>> letters
>>> but different unicode range.
>> Arabic & Farsi are both definitely shaped and ligated.
> I only have a modest level of experience here. From what I recall, the  
> ligation of Arabic is not an issue. As a script Farsi is a superset of  
> Arabic. IIRC, the problem is with the ligation and shaping of those  
> "super" characters.
>>> 2) The text is left bound, but should be right bound. The Arabic  
>>> module
>>> is right bound.
>> Arabic & Farsi are both right justified. This was fixed in one of the
>> recent pre-releases, making me think you're not using the latest  
>> version.
>>> This is on Wine on Linux. I will in the next couple of days have a  
>>> look
>>> at the programme on Win200 and WinXP.
>> Wine is definitely not a platform we have tried to support. Do you  
>> know
>> whether it mimics 9x or NT? I would hope it correctly reports version
>> numbers that correspond to whichever it emulates.
> A better environment than Wine is to use VMWare player. IIRC, it was  
> free. I use Parallels on the Mac for the same.
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