[sword-devel] Daily Devotional Module

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Tue Jan 1 08:27:44 MST 2008

David Bell <david.bell at bluebottle.com> writes:
> I am using the import format, so I have a key like $$$01.01 at the  
> beginning of every entry.
> But under that I have multiple readings. For example: Genesis 1-2;  
> Psalm 1-2; Matt. 1-2
> $$$01.01
> <ScripRef>Gen 1-2</ScripRef><ScripRef>Ps 1-2</ScripRef><ScripRef>Mat  
> 1-2</ScripRef>

If you are creating a ThML module, you will need <scripRef> (note exact
upper/lowercase) to wrap around the references.

Also, you will probably want some separation in elements, otherwise
visually they will simply run together.  Providing for the right
<scripRef>, your example above would display as

Gen 1-2Ps 1-2Mat 1-2

Try e.g.:

<scripRef>Gen 1-3</scripRef>; <scripRef>Ps 1-2</scripRef>; <scripRef>Matt 1-2</scripRef>

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