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Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Wed Dec 31 11:31:44 MST 2008

Dear Jerry,

jhphx wrote:
> Chris wrote:
>> I guess logic would dictate that the Wiki is dead and we should move 
>> entirely to static pages.
> Both forms of pages have their place for the purposes of displaying 
> these informative pages. There are those for whom Wikis are the web. 
> Others find Wikis aesthetically and functionally limiting. Is there a 
> way to have just the more static information on static pages where it 
> could be stated that revisions to a page, or the information, is ongoing 
> at the Wiki. Perhaps some static pages could also be updated 
> automatically periodically from the Wiki pages. Just thinking.

I think you are on to something.  It seems our individual constructive 
agendas dictate which kind of site we prefer.

I agree that both have their place.  It is great that anyone can update, 
change, voice their contribution on the wiki.  On the other hand, some 
information should be fairly static and conserved and not open to mass 
edits by anyone who feels something should go a different direction, or 
we'd have no direction (or rather, no usefully cohesive direction)

It seems the wiki should continue to be the fluid place where people 
brainstorm, and also where they can easily edit pages without ssh'ing 
into CrossWire and vi'ing a .jsp file.

Maybe some wiki pages, like project blubs, can be automatically and 
regularly pulled from the wiki and saved on the 'static' site (I like 
the 'pulled' idea you mention because it keeps our site useful in the 
case of something rare happening, like the wiki not being available :)), 
and project owners can use wiki permission to delegate who can edit 
these.  The FAQs might be another great place for this.

This gives wiki edit functionality, some control for project leads with 
wiki perms, and a sense of useful moderation and staticness for the main 

Now how?



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