[sword-devel] Presentable portfolio

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Wed Dec 31 09:31:40 MST 2008

Sorry this section got lost in my last email.

I am thinking after some discussion with Troy last night we would
benefit from having a shorter list of presentable portfolio of stuff we
do. At the moment the closest we have to this is

The difficulty is that a lot is in flux right now - more than any time
since I joined CW.

Does anyone have any thoughts here?

There is obviously the old list of the "Big Five" - BibleCS, BD, GS, MS
and BT, which in justice needs to be augmented to 6 or 7 with BpB and

There is Swordweb which can not be seen as a consumer frontend, but is
hugely important in its own right, now maybe getting a competitor in gsword.

There is stuff like FireBible - quirky and not easily captured under the
heading frontend and then GoBible which is not really grown on our
fields but has joined the fold, Sword reader, etc.

What is it that you show to people when you try and get them to give us
their texts?

What do you want to show to people when you try and make them understand
wat we are about?

Should we have a two tier system of front ends listed? I am thinking
loud here, but would like to have comments.


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