[sword-devel] Open source German Volxbibel

Wolfgang Schultz woschultz at googlemail.com
Tue Dec 30 11:31:00 MST 2008

> Except for the same lossiness as one finds in Jan's ThML, I haven't seen any
> evidence of lossiness in this case. Converting escaped hex to UTF-8 takes
> one call to pack() in Perl (or your favorite correlate).
> That's not to say that I would use the Zefania text in this case, but their
> texts tend to approximate the quality of their sources and I see no need to
> disparage Zefania or Wolfgang in this forum.
> --Chris


yes it is true the quality of a zefania xml module depends on  the
source files i have. :( 	I'm sorry to say that  i haven't time to
proof read all files before publishing them. My position is better a
slight deficient module than no module...

Ok now to the Volxbible Sword module the workflow was as follow.

VolxbibelWIKI>>ThML-Datei >>> Zefania XML >> zefania_2_sword_win32 >> Sword

I could only control the step ThML-Datei >>> Zefania XML

the new workflow will be:

VolxbibelWiki >>Zefania XML >> zef2osis.pl >>osis2mod>> Sword

then we will know what is lossily  :))

BTW the step VolxbibelWiki >>Zefania XML is already finished
here you find the Volxbibel 3.0 with header and footnotes


have fun!


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