[sword-devel] New SWORD website - update

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Sat Dec 27 08:26:21 MST 2008

After hitting an impasse caused by my jsp limits I finally managed to
get the module list to work in my draft version of the new website for

Problems left are hopefully minor and will be eliminated before the
website will become "live". (* known problems listed below)

You can use it already on www.crosswire.org/sword/newpage

and the library at www.crosswire.org/sword/newpage/library.jsp

You can choose (one or all) language(s) and (one or several) module

I have made a conscious decision not to allow the full range of
languages for selection, but instead will offer a few and advise seekers
of other languages to chose the "all languages" option.

The reasons are as follows:

If I wanted to offer all languages as a selection scroll down I would

a) have an enormously long list of languages which are probably largely
irrelevant for website downloads (our Mexican beta languages).

b) would need to make the page offer different language selections
dependent on choice of beta or not. This would require java scripting or
round trip and two stage chosing which is something i felt was not

The actual list of languages I offer as "frequently chosen" is just
thrown together right now, but requires some work - suggestions welcome.
I would think anything more than 15-20 languages would be wrong.

I was thinking of creating a multi language selection but decided that
the trouble I had getting it working like it is meant I am currently not
able (dt lack of knowledge) to do this in a reasonable time frame. And I
want that website working.




*) List of current problems:

1) It displays empty lists when no module is available in a chosen categroy
2) Some texts are repititive and need to get put at the right place and
shown only once
3) if a single language is chosen the chosen language should get a h2
header while the module lists should be h3. At the moment this is reversed.

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