[sword-devel] Progress on "La Bible Pirot et Clamer"

David Haslam d.haslam at ukonline.co.uk
Sat Dec 27 07:47:49 MST 2008

Just an interim update on what I was doing in the last few days.  I have been
format shifting "La Bible Pirot et Clamer" with a view to making a Go Bible
version. En route, this normally involves making a ThML file as the
penultimate step.

This translation is listed in the wiki page for Module requests, but you
won't be able to read this again until the wiki is restored at the CrossWire

It soon became apparent that the source text contains a significant number
of verses that were truncated, so I have informed Yves Petrakian with a view
to finding the root cause.

Truncation occurs close to 255 characters (give or take a few), a number
that will be familiar to anyone working in the digital domain (hexadecimal

I used Excel 2007 to analyse and chart the verse lengths.  The underlying
probability distribution is interesting.
The mode is around 79 characters.
Above the mode, the best fit is linear.
Below the mode, the best fit is a quartic polynomial with intercept=0.

There was a second peak at length=255, which confirms my conjecture that
there was a systematic root cause for the truncation. Had this not occurred,
the longest verse would have had around 263 characters.

The Excel file can be downloaded from here (for anyone with a statistical

NB.  Do not use this to make anything.  We should await a corrected source
file from 456-Bible.com

-- David
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