[sword-devel] Re New website - installation instructions

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Fri Dec 19 08:39:20 MST 2008

Thanks DM for the response.

I summarise then further ; The self installing modules do not install to
any standard place and are currently unable to work with non BibleCS.
They are not self installing as such as they still require an unzip and
the 2 stage process is currently undocumented and not used by any other
frontend than BibleCS.

I think this confirms that they are fully and utterly broken and should
be taken off. I also think there  is a need for self install modules and
I will keep this on my list to figure out. Once there is a general
agreement what is a good way to install so that all can read. And once I
am finished with other things. But right now I will take them off my new
pages. As I will take off the download for Mac swd files.


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