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Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Thu Dec 18 22:44:27 MST 2008

Our engine has a number of ways which it can be configured and these all 
work on all platforms.  We don't remove support for some ways of 
configuration on certain platforms-- including $HOME/.sword.  If you 
have something there, then it will do the appropriate SWORD thing (in 
the case of $HOME/.sword it will augment any other configuration 
location found by adding modules found here).  I use the same file 
system and SWORD library install on a number of system.  It's fun.  Try 
adding an /etc/sword.conf to your windows drive :)  Don't use it if you 
think it shouldn't be there on windows.

The appropriate response to where modules are officially found on any OS 
by the SWORD engine (should also be with JSword as well) is:

under the DETAILS section.

We should stay unified on this (and other things).

These many configuration options allows OS friendly locations by letting 
any app installer either include a ./sword.conf which specifies where to 
look for modules, or else setting env SWORD_PATH (if they don't like the 
other default locations scanned).

So, for example, if we decide our windows apps should be installed to 
C:\Program Files\CrossWire\<APP_NAME>\ and want to put all our modules 
under C:\Program Files\CrossWire\library\ then we can do this now 
without any configuration additions.  We can set a SWORD_HOME env 
variable if we think they should be in a different place.  I personally 
don't think modules should go under the AppData folder under windows.  I 
don't think module data is user data at all.  It is not, for example, 
user specific email, or anything like that.  It is an integral part of 
the application and not user specific, per se.  Plus, I personally like 
to keep my sword install all together so I can, say, drag it to a USB 
stick or copy it to CD or whatever.  We don't count on any registry 
settings either, and we're not planning to change that anytime soon.


Ben Morgan wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 19, 2008 at 10:19 AM, Matthew Talbert <ransom1982 at gmail.com 
> <mailto:ransom1982 at gmail.com>> wrote:
>      > 2) $APPDATA\Sword (preferred location)
>      > 3) $HOME\.sword (this needs to be deprecated under windows in
>     favour of the above - and it needs engine support added to look for
>     the above)
>     GS uses this now, but would use 2) if engine support was added.
>      > 4) $ALLUSERSPROFILE\Sword
>     GS uses ALLUSERSPROFILE\.sword, but we could probably change to Sword
> Under windows, there shouldn't be pathnames starting with ".". That is a 
> unix thing. This needs to be changed in the engine, as well.
>      > and maybe (under Vista, anyway - but not sure what the function
>     of $PUBLIC is meant to be)
>      > 5) $PUBLIC\Sword
>      >
>      > The last two are very likely to be read only under Vista at
>     least; I don't think there is any central directory where all users
>     can write to.
>     I don't know about $PUBLIC but under XP and Vista, ALLUSERSPROFILE is
>     writable by both normal user and administrator on my systems (although
>     I was previously under the impression that it wasn't writable on
>     Vista).
> Digging deeper into the permissions, users can do almost anything to 
> public, but not delete from ALLUSERSPROFILE. I'm not sure which of those 
> is best.
> God Bless,
> Ben
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