[sword-devel] Quick question on alternative versification

Daniel Owens dhowens at pmbx.net
Thu Dec 18 00:35:45 MST 2008

> A KJV-versified text will work now--and I wouldn't hold my breath for 
> non-KJV-versification to be widely supported in stable releases soon. 
> That is to say, I wouldn't discourage releasing the more limited text 
> now and updating when that is possible.

Okay, sounds good. There are notes that come with it (study Bible-ish), 
so I will get that finished and send it in.
>>>> 2. Do I have to do anything special to the OSIS (I tried xml2gbs 
>>>> once, and it quit after a few verses I think.)? The structure is 
>>>> BSP, not BCV.
>>> You shouldn't need to do anything to your Bible, assuming it is 
>>> encoded with the correct OSIS book IDs. That said, I don't recall 
>>> whether I have ever attempted to import a book with milestoned 
>>> chapter/verse elements and I don't recall having written anything in 
>>> xml2gbs to handle these elements. So it may be that the BSP style is 
>>> causing your problems.
>> OSIS file validates except for a section in Daniel which uses the 
>> Dan.3.90!+ format, which is forbidden in OSIS. Perhaps I will need to 
>> use x instead of +, but it's a bummer to change it from the printed 
>> version. I guess it's a moot point until front-ends start supporting 
>> alternative versification.
> The text really intends a plus sign as a sub-verse marker? Is it 
> supposed to be a cross? Or a dagger? I would guess there is something 
> +-like that is allowed in that position by OSIS.

It's for Daniel 3:24+, 25+, etc. to 3:90+. It's not a dagger. I think 
they are working in the shadow of the Protestant canon, and the 
versification indicates that they are added (songs of the young men 
thrown into the fiery furnace). Since there are also verses 24-30 
following those songs it makes it a challenge. Looking at the OSIS 2.1 
user manual, p. 90, osisID is limited mostly to letters and numbers:

"The parts of an osisID may contain any mixture of numbers, letters, and 
underscores. However, to avoid
conflict with the other punctuations used (such as ":" to separate the 
work from the in-work location, "@" to
separate fine-grained references in osisRefs, and "!" to separate 
work-specific extensions to a reference
system), no other characters are allowed."

Your reaction kind of sums it up--who would have though of using a plus 
sign? But they do in Vietnam maybe they do elsewhere in the Catholic 
world too, not sure. If I use x instead it isn't too hard to change it back.

>> Milestoned verse elements are a real pain, but it's hard to do 
>> anything but canonical text unless you use them. There's no way to 
>> handle paragraphs and poetry, unless I'm mistaken.
> Paragraphs you can usually do without resorting to milestones. Poetry, 
> almost never. So, yes, they're a pain, but they're the best we've got.
> --chris

You're right about paragraphs--it's poetry that really needs it. It 
works fine but creates two kinds of OSIS for everyone to deal with. I 
don't mind it so much now that I am familiar with it, but it certainly 
introduces a wrench in the system on occasion.


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