[sword-devel] Quick question on alternative versification

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Thu Dec 18 00:09:11 MST 2008

Daniel Owens wrote:
> Chris Little wrote:
>> Daniel Owens wrote:
>>> Can anyone give me some quick pointers on how to use xml2gbs to 
>>> compile a module with deuterocanonical material? I have a source file 
>>> I itching to try out, and for now I have resorted to deleting the 
>>> extra material using a Perl script so I can compile using osis2mod.
>>> 1. Do I need to compile SWORD from SVN?
>> At a minimum. Even with Sword from SVN, I'm not sure there are any 
>> frontends that can display GenBook Bibles and I don't know that the 
>> whole implementation within Sword itself is completed.
> Maybe I need to sit tight for awhile. If anyone wants a source file to 
> play with, I have one (including permission for CrossWire to 
> distribute). Should I put the KJV-only version (wink wink) into beta or 
> just sit tight?

A KJV-versified text will work now--and I wouldn't hold my breath for 
non-KJV-versification to be widely supported in stable releases soon. 
That is to say, I wouldn't discourage releasing the more limited text 
now and updating when that is possible.

>>> 2. Do I have to do anything special to the OSIS (I tried xml2gbs 
>>> once, and it quit after a few verses I think.)? The structure is BSP, 
>>> not BCV.
>> You shouldn't need to do anything to your Bible, assuming it is 
>> encoded with the correct OSIS book IDs. That said, I don't recall 
>> whether I have ever attempted to import a book with milestoned 
>> chapter/verse elements and I don't recall having written anything in 
>> xml2gbs to handle these elements. So it may be that the BSP style is 
>> causing your problems.
> OSIS file validates except for a section in Daniel which uses the 
> Dan.3.90!+ format, which is forbidden in OSIS. Perhaps I will need to 
> use x instead of +, but it's a bummer to change it from the printed 
> version. I guess it's a moot point until front-ends start supporting 
> alternative versification.

The text really intends a plus sign as a sub-verse marker? Is it 
supposed to be a cross? Or a dagger? I would guess there is something 
+-like that is allowed in that position by OSIS.

> Milestoned verse elements are a real pain, but it's hard to do anything 
> but canonical text unless you use them. There's no way to handle 
> paragraphs and poetry, unless I'm mistaken.

Paragraphs you can usually do without resorting to milestones. Poetry, 
almost never. So, yes, they're a pain, but they're the best we've got.


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