[sword-devel] Alkitab Bible Study 2.1-beta2 released

Daniel Owens dhowens at pmbx.net
Wed Dec 17 01:37:42 MST 2008

Aren't the translations released under the same license as jsword, which 
means you don't need to ask permission? I mean, unless the translators 
made some effort to apply a different license the contributed 
translation is under the same open source license as the rest of the 
code, right? Not a lawyer myself, but it makes sense to me.


Peter von Kaehne wrote:
>> On the side note: does anyone know who are the copyright owner of
>> other available locales (chinese zh and zh_CN, and german de) from
>> BibleDekstop, so I could ask permission to include those on Alkitab
>> Bible Study.
> The German was done originally by someone else (do not know who) then
> completed by me, then finished off by again another contributor.
> You got my permission, but you would need to seek the other two.
> The Chinese was done by two guys who worked in unison - AFAIR
> Peter
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