[sword-devel] SWORD project website - old files

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Sat Dec 13 08:54:47 MST 2008

Looking through ~sword I found an abundance of directories and pages
many of which are unlinked from anywhere, most are out of date, but some
contain some important stuff.

Maybe others can comment on this list. I have looked through all and put
my assessment to it, insofar as I could come to an assessment.

Comments welcome


This is a summary of review of pages and material found in this folder,
and consideration of whether it should remain active or get deleted

KJV2003 - presently totally unlinked anywhere, keep in current format
for time being and review later - IMPORTANT STUFF - KEEP

about - whole folder is already imported into new site - can get deleted

ALPHAcckswwlkrfre22034820285912 appears to be essentially junk, but also
old utility files, some old documentation, many old (very old) releases
- someone needs to look through who knows what is important.

apiref - old Doxygen references for 1.5.2. - can get deleted

copyright - transferred en bloc by DM and incorporated into wiki -> delete

develop - currently BibleCS stuff is not yet transferred

diatheke - remains compilable, keep, actively used, site needs updating

docs - deprecated, can get deleted

i18n - can get deleted, , 1 single file, junk

images - keep

include structural stuff, after new site active can get deleted

lists - needs to be incorprorated

newpage - current site development

publisher - all and better already incorporated in new CW site.

reg - some dysfunctional database connection and admin page - delete

software - BibleCS stuf needs to get incorproate dinto new site rest
deprecated or incorporated

support - all incorporated and deprecated - delete

swordreader - needs to get incorporated



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