[sword-devel] CrossWire website up and running

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Thu Dec 11 12:45:58 MST 2008


Thank you again for owning this.  Just a few quick comments.

We have a google site search on the sword page which is really useful 
for searching the mailing list archives (among other things on the 
site).  Maybe we could grab it from there.

My preference is that the Wiki, as a concept, doesn't have a direct 
prominent link.  My thoughts are that Wiki technology might be used for 
any number of things at CrossWire, and we should link to wiki pages or 
static pages bases on what the page contains regarless of whether it is 
wiki or static or jsp or whatever.  I'm not saying we should NEVER link 
to the Wiki top page-- maybe in a developers section somewhere on the 
site--  just that we should use community editing as a technology 
throughout our site where appropriate, otherwise the top wiki page 
becomes logically a duplicate of what we're trying to do on the main 
crosswire page, or for a main developers' page or some other logical 
site section.  Does that make sense?

Can we get the PalmBible+ blurb back?

If we have a Java section, I'm not sure all the java programs should 
also go into all the other groups, as well.  I'm not sure what I think 
is best.  But if the Java apps do go under all the other groups, they 
should not have higher visibility than apps directly written for the 
platform-- like MacSword.

In general, I'm having an aesthetic problem with no indenting of 
subsections.  Like all the places we have a color bar like

=Volutneer Opportunities==================

It seems the text under these should be slightly indented as they were 
on the old site.  Just my preference.

"History and Aims"?  I think "About" is shorter and usually expected on 
a website.

Simply "Read the Bible" as a link is probably better for the people we 
want to use it regularly.  I realize the "... online in our we based 
study tool" advertises that SWORDWeb is another of our tools which can 
be used on your own site, but I think we need to be obvious about this 
to our tools audience in a better way.

I'm excited about all this work!  I can't begin to express how 
appreciative I am about all the many hours you've devoted to improving 
our site!


Peter von Kaehne wrote:
> David Haslam wrote:
>> Hi Peter,
>> First impressions are all positive. Here's some feedback.....
> Thanks
>> Suggestion: add a site search feature, it probably doesn't need to use
>> Javascript, just adapt Google to be a site specific search. It's free! 
>> After an FAQ, most site visitors use a site search, even to find stuff
>> "staring them in the face".
> A possibility. I am not sure we have enough content. Maybe with the wiki
>> Comment: There's an alignment quirk on the Mobiles/Handhelds page, the Go
>> Bible description being further to the right than those above it.
> Thanks. Needs to be solved, but is not. Keep an eye on it and remind me
> if I have not done it
>> The "Based on Java" page:  Well of course, Go Bible is based on Java ME, so
>> why not included?
> Because it is not really X platform. So I changed the text and made it
> desktop applications. The target of this page was those Desktop
> operating systems we do not cater for ordinarily.
>> CrossWire wiki: Needs a link from the right hand side of the template.
> Maybe into the help bit. Need to think.
> Peter
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