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Carl A. Harris carl-harris at sbcglobal.net
Sat Dec 6 07:48:12 MST 2008

Good thought Chris.  I find the PBible to be very useful and wish I could find a way to use all my e-Sword rsorses with it.  Do you have any suggestions?

Carl A. Harris, Dr. Min.

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> BPBible is Bible software which is flexible and user friendly, and empowers
> the user. With a wide variety of available Bibles, dictionaries,
 > commentaries, and other books, it could easily become your first point of
 > call for Bible Study. It has features usually found only in expensive
 > commercial software, such as a word proximity based cross-verse search, and
 > is available in Vietnamese and English. It works well under both Windows and
 > Linux, and is also an official PortableApp.

I will put this in now

Could you please change it from saying that BPBible is a PortableApp, to "a PortableApps.com™ application", and preferably specify ", to run it from a USB disk on any Windows machine" or something like that.  I don't think that we need to worry about Windows 3.11 ;-)

God bless,

Chris Morgan <chris.morganiser at gmail.com>

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