[sword-devel] Website: "help" direction + improved blurbs

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Thu Dec 4 09:16:48 MST 2008

jhphx wrote:
> Brian wrote:
>> Should we have a "crosswire.ru" site?  
> One of the good things about open source projects is that by nature they 
> encourage horizontal development instead of only vertical.

I think this is the case. And we are seeing it. Daniel Owens, David
Haslam and I are - all from different backgrounds - in the project for
that exact reason - a project which appeared open to us to pursue what
we felt was needed in a world without Christ.

 Do we need to "send"
> the web site to Russia or just the idea? I think one of the best things that 
> could be done is to have pages in various languages that encourage people in 
> other countries to do likewise and that as much as possible we would help them 
> start their own sites.

I think as long as the software is open and generally well thought
through in a fashion which allows easy i18n then this is all that is
required. Chose your toolkits and your rendering machines with some care
and make sure that your strings are never hardcoded.

As a rule Linux programming (and Linux/FOSS derrived stuff like gtk and
wxPython, MozEmbed etc etc) is extremely good in allowing i18n, but it
still requires some thought - particularly when RtoL comes into the
play. DM will attest to the difficulties he faced to getting BD behave
in the fashion it should.


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