[sword-devel] osis2mod warnings

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Wed Dec 3 02:28:57 MST 2008

Sword and osis2mod accept BSP-style OSIS Bibles because BSP is the 
primary structure paradigm suggested by OSIS. BSP is the primary 
paradigm for OSIS because that was the recommendation given by Wycliffe.

In my experience (and according to the Wycliffe people we consulted 
while designing OSIS), SFM is likewise primarily oriented to the BSP 
structure. Chapters and (especially) verses are just points of division 
within a text where you print a number.

That is to say--we're just doing as Wycliffe told us (via OSIS).


David Haslam wrote:
> Likewise, the OSIS flavour usable by Go Bible Creator is the BCV structure
> rather than the milestoned BSP structure (where S denotes section, that in
> theory can span chapter boundaries).  However, as from version 2.3.2, Go
> Bible Creator can process directly from a folder of USFM files as the
> source-text format.  This revision makes it very attractive to Bible
> translators, such as those in Wycliffe.
> -- David Haslam
> Adrian Korten wrote:
>> ---- Original Message -----
>> *From:* DM Smith <dmsmith555 at yahoo.com>
>>> Chris has finally convinced me that the OSIS best practice is to  
>>> structure the Bible as a document (aka BCP) and lay in versification  
>>> using milestones.
>>> But the SWORD engine works best with verses being the primary  
>>> structure (aka BCV). The purpose of osis2mod has always been convert  
>>> the input OSIS into something that works well with the SWORD engine.  
>>> That said, as we get more and more OSIS texts we are finding  
>>> shortcomings in osis2mod.
>> I think that I'm more interested in the BCV version. I don't have 
>> control of the texts and the copyright holders want to maintain them in 
>> USFM format. So the OSIS conversion is just to get it into a better 
>> format to import to a Sword module. And I prefer to keep the BCV 
>> formatting since that is strong in the original format and what is 
>> eventually used by the Sword engine.

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