[sword-devel] osis2mod warnings

David Haslam d.haslam at ukonline.co.uk
Wed Dec 3 01:59:16 MST 2008

Likewise, the OSIS flavour usable by Go Bible Creator is the BCV structure
rather than the milestoned BSP structure (where S denotes section, that in
theory can span chapter boundaries).  However, as from version 2.3.2, Go
Bible Creator can process directly from a folder of USFM files as the
source-text format.  This revision makes it very attractive to Bible
translators, such as those in Wycliffe.

-- David Haslam

Adrian Korten wrote:
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>> Chris has finally convinced me that the OSIS best practice is to  
>> structure the Bible as a document (aka BCP) and lay in versification  
>> using milestones.
>> But the SWORD engine works best with verses being the primary  
>> structure (aka BCV). The purpose of osis2mod has always been convert  
>> the input OSIS into something that works well with the SWORD engine.  
>> That said, as we get more and more OSIS texts we are finding  
>> shortcomings in osis2mod.
> I think that I'm more interested in the BCV version. I don't have 
> control of the texts and the copyright holders want to maintain them in 
> USFM format. So the OSIS conversion is just to get it into a better 
> format to import to a Sword module. And I prefer to keep the BCV 
> formatting since that is strong in the original format and what is 
> eventually used by the Sword engine.
>> My best recommendation is to write best-practice OSIS. If osis2mod  
>> does not handle it well, then use xslt to adapt it to something that  
>> osis2mod likes and pump that through osis2mod. Using the 1.5.11  
>> version of osis2mod, this would be transforming BCP elements into  
>> their milestoned form.
>> There are several of us here that could whip out the xslt. So if you  
>> need help, ask.
> I may take you up on that offer but I'll muddle along on my own for a 
> little first.
> ak
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