[sword-devel] Website: "help" direction + improved blurbs

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Tue Dec 2 09:16:03 MST 2008

As you know I am busy to revamp the frontpage. I have added a set of
links to obtain help. Options are to post on the fora, email to
crosswire-suppport or chat on IRC (using the mibbit client)

If you click the actual icon it will take you to the fora. But this is
simply prelim and I want to get consensus.

Personally I do not like trawling fora for new posts and am happier with
receiving the odd support email, but then the fora have never been
really exposed. The increased traffic might well result in some activity
there, by non-developer people who like to haunt fora and this in turn
could become self sustaining + keep our inboxes at sword-support empty.

What is your view?

Or should we simply try and see?

Next item - I have updated and expanded on some blurbs, but would really
appreciate if I could get some input from you good folk. Within teh
current layout and planning to accommodate OS icons I can accommodate
about 90 words per application. For most I have a < 10 sentence stating
this is a really powerful application. So, please do send me something -
 otherwise I might make it all up and then let it all rot for another 5
years... ;-) - really important is the number of GUI translations your
applications have.


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