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Daniel Owens dhowens at pmbx.net
Tue Dec 2 09:11:14 MST 2008

It IS unwieldy. I sometimes wonder how far a casual browser would get down the page with so much text. 

You mentioned a more thorough redesign. Have you thought about cutting the text of the main column down to a few bullet points and a link for each app/project? I mean, why not use icons for each OS (mentioned already, I believe) and be brutal about reducing text and leaving details to project sites? There are just so many projects, and it is hard to know which should come first on the list. Screenshots are helpful but... 

I would help with text, but I am hesitant to take that drastic a step...


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From: "Peter von Kaehne" <refdoc at gmx.net>
To: "SWORD Developers

OK, now the frontpage is _really_ unwieldy.... ;-)

I have listened to the various comments and have re-incorporated all
sword applications but for the truly and irredeemably dead ones. I will
find a solution for the Palm ones. I do think BpBible should stay in.
Maybe we can convince them to upgrade their own rating-by-version-number?

I have changed the link to the volunteer page and redirected volunteers
and developers straight to the wiki. The former volunteer.jsp is now a
wiki page.

Forums are linked to. Adding the link has led to doubling of traffic
within minutes. Not sure whteher this was an artefact, but we will see
in a few days.

I am still freshing things up for a few more days and then will move on
to proper redesign. If anyone else wants to have a go - feel free.


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