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Daniel Owens dhowens at pmbx.net
Tue Dec 2 03:29:59 MST 2008

I think Ben is right. With a few exceptions (mostly mentioned below), BPBible meets or exceeds most options available for Windows users. BibleCS will never touch the localization potential in BPBible 0.4+ because of the utf8 capability in BPBible, so I agree it needs to be on the main page.


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On Tue, Dec 2, 2008 at 6:52 AM, Peter von Kaehne <refdoc at gmx.net> wrote:

> > I would agree with DM that in-development stuff shouldn't be on the
> > front page yet. If the developers don't feel their work is up to version
> > 1.0 status, I don't think we should be directing traffic there yet.
> > BPBible is the only one I spot in this situation.
> I thought about this - reasons I thought I include it were a) the status
> of BpBible in portable apps - which is a very important site for many
> windows users b) the fact that it is a stable and nice application
> irrespective of the low version number. Considering what kind of garbage
> sometimes carries a 1.0 (none of us - just general) I thought 0.3.1 is a
> nice understatement. But anyway, consensus shall rule.

This is why I started BPBible at 0.1, not 1.0. However, I consider that
0.3.1 is perfectly usable. 0.4 (which I will try to release tonight -
Matthew found a few problems in the prerelease of it, which have been
fixed...) adds quite a few new features. Jon has certainly been wanting this
on the frontpage - thanks for doing this, Peter. Personally I think that the
0.4 of BPBible > 1.5.11 of BibleCS (for what I want it for - and most other
users would as well).

The things which are currently lacking from BPBible are that are seen in
(some) other SWORD apps:
1) good editor support
2) Support for RtoL languages.
3) InstallManager
It is likely that a switch to XULRunner would make 1) and 2) easy. 3) just
needs implementing, but I haven't decided how best to present this
information to the user.

Counterbalancing this, however, there are a few features that only BPBible
has in the SWORD world. I think that BPBible is likely to be the most direct
competitor to e-Sword, especially when the three points above are covered.

God Bless,
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   in the valley of decision!
For the day of the LORD is near
   in the valley of decision.

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