[sword-devel] Web Front-end for JSword (iPhone targeted)

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 19 06:42:34 MST 2008

On Apr 19, 2008, at 5:22 AM, Greg Hellings wrote:

> I've thrown together a quick AJAX-based front-end for JSword.  I'm
> aiming to make it look and work nice for iPhone users.  We'll see if
> it works out.  Right now it works fine in Safari on the desktop, and
> also in the iPhone simulator.  In the simulator the display of
> non-ASCII characters seems to fail (specifically the WLC and AraSVD
> modules with Hebrew and Arabic).  I don't know if that's the same on
> the devices, as I don't have access to one at this time, however, they
> work fine in desktop Safari.

Super. Great start!

I'm doing the same. :) But I'm not trying to actually create a product.

My goal is to create *a* working tutorial for Safari, IE and Firefox.  
Right now, it does not work on Safari. I haven't tried it on IE.

For more details see my post on jsword-devel:


> There are still some rough edges with the interface - primarily it
> doesn't properly detect the books that are in a module at any given
> moment.  It does detect chapters-in-book and verses-in-chapter,
> though.  For now, you just have to assume that if you get to the verse
> display and there is no text (and no error box), then that module must
> not support that verse/book.  There are also additional GUI tweaks
> that will be needed to smooth the functioning of it, but this is just
> a quickly hobbled together patch-up.

One of the things that I think that is needed in JSword is that the  
global key list actually reflect the content of the module. For Bibles  
and commentaries, it assumes Gen-Rev. I'll probably do the same thing  
I did for dictionaries there too.

> For the time being you can find the page at
> http://hellings.is-a-geek.com:8080/jsword-gwtweb/WebInterface.html
> (provided I did everything properly with DynDNS and my router).  The
> page itself may be up and down, seeing as it's currently hosted on my
> laptop until I move it onto one of my other machines this weekend.
> Let me know what you all think.

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